Thursday, December 9, 2010

I Heart New York... Part Deux

So, for some freakish reason all of my pictures came back to my phone today. Not quite sure how it happened.. but I turned on my phone and all my music and photos magically reappeared. Strange, I know.

But I have some pretty sweet pictures I took while on my latest escapade in the Big Apple... so I figured I'd post them.

This is the first thing I saw when I got off the subway at Canal and Baxter... the window of my pork bun spot.

Pork Bun Before...

And After...

The Pho at Pho Grand... in all its' beefy, tripey, and tendony goodness.

When you eat as much as I did... as often as I did... gastrointestinal malfunctions were a commonality... alas, here I am in the bathroom at Milk Bar on twelfth.

This was the artichoke pizza at Artichoke... bomb diggity. Possibly the greatest pizza I've ever had.

The folks at Yakitori Totto had the foresight to put a can of febreez in the men's room. It was certainly a necessity.

This is Alex... with Donald Glover aka the rapper Childish Gambino aka Troy from NBC's Community aka the black dude from all the Derrick Comedy videos... "Your word... is N*****F*****."

Finally... The amazing view from Nicola's apartment on Times Square. Absolutely Ridiculous.

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