Sunday, July 11, 2010

Week 3 Complete

Week 3 went by really fast. I had Monday off because the restaurant was closed, and my usual Thursday off. This coming week is the last week in the new place. I can honestly say that I am ready to get the heck out of the old kitchen and into a new one. The 30 trips up and down two flights of stairs carrying bus tubs of beef and pork, buckets of ice, and sheet trays of raspberries that need to be frozen, are getting old. But, I am the intern, as the crew call me, so I am expected to be be hunched over in pain and gasping for breath every day after work, other wise I haven't done something right.

No chickens this weekend. Sous Chef Pete didn't have access to a car so we had to hold off for at least a week. But, because of this, I did get a chance to watch the World Cup Final. I was largely disappointed with the dirtiness of the Dutch players. They tried to beat down the Spanish players, and failed. However, i was thrilled that half of my predictions as posted in my last update came true, and I did get to see the pride of Liverpool, pretty-boy Fernando Torres, crying in agony on the pitch before the end of the game. Hopefully it'll be another injury laden season for the Merseysider.

This week is an eventful week at L'Etoile, because were not running our traditional menu. Our last week in the old place and were going out with a bang. The restaurant has been in operation for over 30 years, so we're running a greatest hits menu of sorts, from all four decades of operation. 70's for amuse, 80's for first course, 90's for second, 00's for third, and a mash up of our favorite desserts from throughout. My main task for the week will be shucking about a hundred oysters every day for the amuse, a oyster topped with a slice of beef carpaccio. I'm probably gonna be sneaking a few oysters throughout the week... they are possibly some of my favorite snacks... and being in the midwest, I never get them.

Wednesday... my dream comes true. I'll be traveling to Chicago to meet up with some of the old soccer buddies and see Manchester United train, live in person. I consider it a victory if I can get to see them play on TV, considering ESPN would rather show bowling on a Sunday afternoon than show some of the most exciting sports action in the world... but I digress. Seeing them live is going to be awesome, and somewhat emotional, because it'll most likely be my last chance to see legends like Edwin Van Der Sar, Paul Scholes, and Ryan Giggs play live. Who knows, maybe Fergie will no longer be at the helm when I do eventually make my pilgrimage to the promised land that is Old Trafford. But I'll be there Wednesday, Cantona jersey on my back, and possibly an anti-glazer poster in hand, taking it in.

Thank God I get paid tomorrow, becasue this could turn out to be an expensive week. Chicago Wednesday, the new Man United jersey is realeased on thursday (I can't decide between Darren Fletcher, Patrice Evra, or Antonio Valencia), and Sunday I'm taking a trip to Milwaukee to see a friend from New York who'll be in town for a few days.

With the change in Menu at the restaurant, I really dont know what to expect this week. But I'm excited.

The pork dish we ran this week lasted a day... that good, sold out completely in one day. It was a johnnycake (cornmeal pancake) with bacon fat, chive, jalapeno, and 10 year cheddar cooked in bacon fat... (double the fun), with the pork pan roasted to juicy perfection, (medium rare people... this is quality pork), topped with a ghost chili (hottest pepper in the world) and cherry (the ones I pitted) sauce and served with grilled bok choy. Im pissed it ran out so quickly, because what I would have done to get my hands on it...

All you people back in Indy, or anywhere in the country, (MR.WISE, get your redneck butt up here)... come here on a Thursday, stay for the weekend... I want somebody to take to the restaurant on my day off. My coworkers would look at me funny if I came in by myself. Once again this whole table for one stuff just makes people think I'm some sort of psycho schizophrenic hermit who talks to himself to make the voices in his head go away. But I kind of like it, lets me focus on the food!

My friend Mary's strict workout routine hasn't started yet, but even if/when they do, I'll remain a fat kid at heart. Its part of my charm.

Tune in next week to hear me go on an on about how I wish Sir Alex Ferguson were my grandfather, how rugged Ryan Giggs looks in person, and how no American matches my sheer undying fanaticism for Manchester United.

Have a good week,


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